About Us

Benefit Group is an insurance agency focused on helping small and medium sized businesses with their employee benefit programs. We are led by industry experts with decades of experience at national brokerages and carriers. We are intentionally built to bring that large-market expertise to our clients in a more approachable way.

Our Advantage


We evaluate the full scope of an employee benefits plan, both on a standalone and comparative basis. Our evaluation begins with how the plan is designed. And importantly, how its cost effectiveness, value and satisfaction are managed and improved over time.
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We’ve found this is one of the most underutilized opportunities in employee benefits. It begins with taking an employee-centric view to create communications that drive employee engagement, behavioral change and retention.
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We take a holistic, proactive approach to manage the evolving complexities of our clients’ legal, tax and other requirements. We provide multiple solutions that provide an unmatched level of service and risk reduction.
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The right tech platform is at the core of every great benefits program. As preferred broker partners of Zenefits, Rippling and Employee Navigator, we provide each client the right solution to minimize complexity and increase productivity for their HR tech needs.
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Our Process


We begin by understanding your unique circumstances, needs and goals through our robust intake methodology.


We evaluate both the individual and collective impact of your employee benefits programs, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative metrics.


As employee benefits experts and advisors, we believe you deserve to know the truth as we see it. We owe you our best thinking.


We develop detailed strategies, plans and timetables to execute our agreed-to plan with exceptional precision and accountability.


We ensure all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the process and manage their individual expectations.


We help employees maximize the value of their employee benefits through relevance, credibility and behavioral change.


With systematic and customized research, we help you sustain a cycle of continuous improvement and satisfaction.
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